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Retro bell pants

Our girl loves retro clothing. She has been wearing these pants until I took it away from her closet because they were way too short. So I decided to make another pair. The last time I colour blocked the bell pants (see a video on how to here). This time I kept it simple and... Continue Reading →

Mittens for the whole family

This weekend I sewed mittens for all our girls (remember the mitts I sewed for our little one?)! Mittens are just the perfect gift during the winter season. They are quick sews, it took me an hour to sew one pair (and I even added a colour block to these mittens), and they are great... Continue Reading →

A horse… uh unicorn peplum top!

I was sure when I showed this relaxed peplum top* to our daughter, she would call it her horse top. But I was wrong, these are obviously unicorns! Well great, if that makes that she will wear the top I am all for it! The relaxed peplum top, tunic and dress by Mamma Can Do... Continue Reading →

Sweet Dreams Nightgown

Our girl is a dress kind a girl, not only during the day, but also at night. Imagine, when you are dreaming, you want to wear a dress and not pants right?! So when I saw a pattern test for a nightgown I jumped on the tester call so I could make a nightgown for... Continue Reading →

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