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Another alpenfleece dress

Our middle girl loves soft and warm fabrics, such as alpenfleece. Recently, her favourite outfits are this Foliis dress and this Bounce sweater, because they are so nice and soft on the inside. So I let our two eldest girls pick out some new alpenfleece fabrics. The first alpenfleece dress that I sewed for our... Continue Reading →

Birthday dress with a golden line

Our eldest birthday is coming up so time for a birthday dress. She picked out this galaxy fabric from Little Johnny at Minerva. Next up was to pick out the pattern for her birthday dress. She loved her birthday dress from last year, so the Corner dress from Made by Runi is the perfect match.... Continue Reading →

Flounce love

Every time I sew something with a flounce for one of our daughters, our eldest asks for one for herself. So I knew this top would be a hit with her. It is the Ylva's dream dress (and top) from Made by Runi. Indeed she is over the moon with the top, although she does... Continue Reading →

Geometric dress coat

Our girl was wearing this coat during the first warm days of the year, when she told me it was getting too small. At first I said, no it cannot be too small yet you are only wearing it for one year. Then I realised I sewed that coat 2 years ago. Time to sew... Continue Reading →

Puzzling with scraps

The puzzle dress by Made by Runi is perfect for scraps and that is what I love to do: sewing with little pieces of fabric. I don't like to throw out any piece of fabric, no matter how small it is. This dress was just perfect to use up those saved scraps. It was indeed... Continue Reading →

Another colour blocked dress

I love colour blocking in my clothing just as much as I do for our girls' clothing. Made by Runi has some great colour blocking patterns. I already sewed this dress and this sweater for myself, which have some great colour blocking. My new dress is the 50/50 dress from Made by Runi, which also... Continue Reading →

Christmas outfits: Make it pop

With Christmas approaching I changed my mind and decided to sew a Christmas dress for our eldest. I had my eye on the Make it pop dress from Made by Runi for some time already and thought it would be a great Christmas dress. So just before Christmas I finished a Christmas Make it pop... Continue Reading →

Swirl around leggings

Recently I was doing some shopping in an online store and saw sports leggings with stretch velvet in them. I loved the idea and thought, I can make that! The swirl around leggings from Made by Runi were on my list to sew since the release, both for one of our girls and for myself.... Continue Reading →

More cozy dresses

I love the cozy dress by Made by Runi. Every time I see one, I fall in love with the dress all over again and I want to sew more. I especially love the cozy dress for the winter season. After the cozy dress from last year, which she unfortunately doesn't fit anymore (it is... Continue Reading →

Snuggly cactus tunic

I loved the pockets when I saw the snuggly tunic from Made by Runi for the first time. And that is also what our daughter loves about the tunic, the pockets. The pockets make that you want to put your hands in them and snuggle up on the couch. The snuggly tunic is made for... Continue Reading →

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