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Lucky Clover high low top

I love high low dresses and tops on our daughter and so does she. This skirt and this dress are her favourites. When I saw the Lucky Clover I knew our daughter would love it. The longer the top/dress the better and the twirl of the Lucky Clover top and skirt pattern from Ellie and... Continue Reading →

Glow in the dark twinning pjs

Our girls love pjs and of course nightgowns are the best. I have already sewed several nightgowns, this one with long sleeves and a ruffle at the bottom, this sleeveless one and another long sleeved one. This time I used a free pattern the Grow with me Pajamas by Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns*. I thought glow in... Continue Reading →

Swimsuits for the girls

I found a new joy, sewing swimsuits (see all swimsuits which I sewed before). Our eldest swims every week so sewing a swimsuit will be used every week, not only during summer. But it all started when I wanted to sew a bikini bottom for our middle daughter. During summer our girls mostly wear UV shirts when they... Continue Reading →

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