Treasures skirts for our girls

Skirts are the next best thing after dresses and sometimes skirts are even better. Especially our middle daughter loves skirts. During my last sewing weekend I sewed up two skirts for our two eldest girls with the Little Treasures Skirt by Duck Butt Designs. If you like colour blocking Duck Butt Designs is a great... Continue Reading →

Free Sideswipeskirt – Duck Butt Designs

Sometimes you have these designers, which patterns you just love! Duck Butt Designs is one of those designers for me. I just love all of their color blocking! I have applied for every test they had the last couple of months. And last week I was chosen to be a tester. I was over the... Continue Reading →

Men’s Roller Coaster Tee

My first post about a men's pattern. Although I have sewed some men's patterns before, I have not blogged about any of them. It was my husband's birthday in May and he feels a bit left behind when it comes to sewing for him. So the perfect gift is a handmade item! I sewed the... Continue Reading →

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