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Malibu swimsuit

Our girls love swimming and now that swimming season is coming up I love to sew some new swimsuits. Especially, swimsuits that have elements our girls love: flutter sleeves and skirts at their bottoms. The Malibu swimsuit from Bella Sunshine Designs* includes it all, it includes a two piece set (besides the one piece swimsuit),... Continue Reading →

Bahari swimsuit release

I always find it hard to find great swimsuits for our girls. Either the fit is not so good or the design is not what we both like. I have sewed several swimsuits mostly for our eldest and I always love the result. Now our middle daughter wanted a bikini as well so I sewed... Continue Reading →

A colourful Amelia dress by BSD

You might actually think that we only have one girl in our household, but we have another one jumping around. And she is starting to look more and more like her older sister when it comes to clothing. She is already picking out her own clothing and has a clear preference for dresses. It all... Continue Reading →

Sahara Dress Test

I was over the moon when I was selected to test the Sahara Top and Dress* by Bella Sunshine Designs. And so was our daughter when she put the dress on! That twirl factor! The disadvantage is that I am afraid that I cannot get away anymore with dresses that do not have such a... Continue Reading →

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