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Regina dress with ruffles (free add-on)

Regina is a great dress (and tunic) pattern with lots of options. So far I have sewed four different Regina dresses from Sofilantjes*. I love that it works well as a winter dress with French Terry (like this Christmas Regina dress), as well as with knit fabric (like this Regina dress). Yet, no short sleeved… Continue Reading →

Christmas Regina

The regina dress from Sofilantjes* and Christmas are a match made in heaven. I mean that nice detail on the sleeves makes a royal queen’s dress right? The regina is a quick sew with a great result. I made the tunic, one with a gathered circle skirt and one with the low back option. This… Continue Reading →

Celebration time: Regina add-on

It’s celebration time over at Sofilantjes*, 20.000 members in the Sofilantjes Facebook group, wow! Therefore, there is a great new add-on being released for the Regina tunic and dress. This new add-on includes a low back (isn’t it beautiful?) and a half circle skirt! Remember the Regina tunic and dress? Of course you do! With… Continue Reading →

Regina Tunic and Dress release by Sofilantjes

A royal tunic and dress, isn’t that what all girls want? Be a princes or a queen? Our girl definitely always wants to be royal! And with this queen’s (=regina) tunic and dress (English)* (link naar Nederlands patroon), that is what you a get, a royal garment. Patterns by Sofilantjes are always a hit in our household… Continue Reading →

Amicis add-on

In addition to the free add-ons that I showed you already (the free stripe add-on to the ADVtee and the free ruffle add-on to the Regina top and dress) from Sofilantjes*, there is another free add-on to the Amicis top, tunic and dress. This add-on is a free stripe to add to the sleeves. I… Continue Reading →

Winter Bounce dress

Not too long ago the Bounce sweater from The Sewn Edge was released and I sewed one sweater for our middle girl. Just before Christmas a free winter applique (free for members of the Facebook group) was released and I fell right in love with the applique. So I added it to my to sew… Continue Reading →

Alpenfleece Foliis

I wanted to make a dress with alpenfleece fabric. The Foliis Jacket and dress from Sofilantjes* works great with thicker fabrics and I wanted to try an option that I didn’t sew yet. I sewed this dress with the zipper some years ago. Time to sew another, or actually two. For our eldest I sewed… Continue Reading →

Ferias dress by Sofilantjes

A new dress by Sofilantjes* is always a celebration. This time it is a dress perfect for the holiday season coming up. The ferias tunic and dress is a beautiful dress with colour blocking lines (which I was lucky enough to test) but also has a simple version. The eyecathers of this pattern are the… Continue Reading →

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