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Long miss polar sweater dress

I love our eldest polar sweater/dress so much that I wanted one for myself as well. Although I don’t wear long dresses that often I just love the high/low effect of the Miss polar sweater/dress. So I also sewed the full length (calf length) dress for myself.

The Miss polar dress is just so comfortable. I used brushed French Terry so perfect for chillier spring weather. Although I do like hoods sometimes, they are not my standard go to in sewing for myself. Also because they use up so much fabric.
I saw some really nice tall neck bands during testing that I wanted to use that for myself as well. I used some contrasting ribbing to accentuate the tall neck band. Of course I opted for the pockets to store my phone in. The pockets are not very big, but just big enough to hold my phone.

For the first version of the girl’s polar dress for our eldest (you can see the final version here, the final is a bit longer than the one below) I used the same fabric as for my dress. This provided the perfect opportunity to shoot some twinning pictures with our eldest. Our girl has the short neck band in her dress and my dress has the tall neck band.

Fabric: brushed French Terry from Nooteboom textiles
PatternMiss Polar sweater/dress by Sofiona Designs (also available for girls)
Sizing: junior miss size 0 – 20
Options: sweater, dress or crop front and long back, short or tall neck band, optional pockets and optional hood (plain, with drawstrings and eyelets or welt opening).
Difficulty: Intermediate

Items in 2023: 12
# Fabric this post: 0 in – 4 out (Total fabric in 2023: bought 0 new fabric – used 18 fabric – 2 scrap pieces – 2 gifted fabric) – in total 0 in 18 out and 2 scraps
# Patterns in 2023: 0 in – 1 out


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