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Girl’s polar sweater dress

A new sweater dress! I love sweater dresses! So when I heard about the new sweater dress pattern from Sofiona Designs I was interested. Then I saw the girl’s Polar Sweater/Dress and I fell in love right away with the shorter front and longer back. Our eldest also loved it right away and of course opted for the full length option of the pattern.

The fabric that I used is Minerva Exclusive Loop Back French Terry Stretch Knit Fabric: Tiger Paradise. The fabric was a hit as soon as it arrived. All three girls wanted it for a new dress. It fits the Polar sweater dress perfectly. The tigers form the center of the dress.
A nice detail is the front part of the hood that is lined. It gives a nice finish and it gives the opportunity to use different fabrics for the lining and outside of the hood. I always love a colour blocking option.

Finding matching fabrics for the side panels of the dress was a bit more difficult this time. I wanted to combine the tiger fabric with red fabric but our girl was not convinced, she found the fabric I picked too bright (it that possible?). It took us more than an hour to come to an agreement. We picked out a red, but not too bright fabric and a solid green fabric. All French Terry fabrics.

Fabric: Minerva Exclusive Tiger Paradise loop French Terry Fabric from Minerva
Pattern: Polar Sweater/Dress by Sofiona Designs
Sizing: 2 – 16
Options: sweater, dress or crop front and long back, short or tall neck band, optional pockets and optional hood (plain, with drawstrings or eyelets).
Difficulty: Intermediate

Items in 2023: 11
# Fabric this post: 0 in – 3 out (Total fabric in 2023: bought 0 new fabric – used 14 fabric – 2 scrap pieces – 2 gifted fabric) – in total 0 in 14 out and 2 scraps
# Patterns in 2023: 0 in – 1 out


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