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Magical twirl dresses

These twirl dresses have something magical because some extra pieces of fabric appear when twirling. Our girls love their Twirl Magic dresses from Ellie and Mac Patterns*.

I made these dresses already a year ago during my last sewing weekend (the first one is 2 years because of Corona). So I cut them out beforehand because I use a projector and I do not want to go back to printing and taping patterns. This means I need to have all my projects cut before I leave for my sewing weekend. I cut out 13 projects and had only 1 left when I returned home after the sewing weekend. That is the perfect score since I do not want end up having too few sewing projects on a sewing weekend.
Once the pattern is cut, sewing is rather quick. I used 2 twirl reveal panels (there is also the option of 4 twirl reveal panels). Since I do not like lined bodices when it is too warm during summer I cut a neckband instead.

I am hoping that my girls have not grown too much so that they can wear these dresses again during this season. I think our eldest might have grown too much, so maybe our middle one is the lucky one with two twirl magic dresses in her closet.

Fabric: the red fabric from our middle one comes from driessenstoffen, the blue circle fabric comes from Evim Textiel stoffen
Pattern: Twirl Magic dresses from Ellie and Mac Patterns
Sizing: 12M – 12Y
Options: sleeveless, short sleeves or long sleeves, 2 or 4 twirl reveal panels.

* Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links”. This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission, the price for you will be the same, it doesn’t cost you anything extra. Thank you for supporting my hobby and my fabric and pattern addictions.


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