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A big blue bird

Remember these Urban Jungle soft toys that I sewed for our two eldest? We only had two girls at that moment so of course once our youngest started to realize she did not have one of those big soft toys she started to request one. Enter the perfect Christmas present for our youngest (last year). An urban jungle bird from Petit a Petit Family (still sold via Project Run and Play).

I love sewing soft toys, but these big ones are the best (they are about 76 cm). Because these soft toys are big there is not so much fiddling with small pieces. I already had the pattern from sewing the bunny and lion for our two eldest. I was inspired by the peacock that is part of Urban Jungle Crew 5 and wanted to create a peacock for our youngest. Since it is mostly the face that is different I decided to create the bird from the pattern that I already had (Crew 4).

Our girls love their big soft toys! All of them sleep with their soft toys and drag these big stuffed toys with them everywhere they sleep. Yes, they have been on planes and have travelled to different countries. Our youngest is very happy with her bird as she calls it and sleeps on it every night.

Fabrics: fleece
Pattern: Urban Jungle Crew 4 sold by Project Run and Play
Options: there are 3 animals included per pattern. Crew 4 includes, the bunny, lion and dog. The peacock is officially part of Crew 5.


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