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Sleeveless ruffle top

Time to start with the summer wardrobe and anything with ruffles is a hit with our eldest (and also with our middle one). When I saw the tester call for this Sevilla Sleeveless Top pattern, which has the option of adding a ruffled shoulder, I knew it would be a hit with our eldest. Especially because I could use a scrap that was a leftover from one or her early favorite dresses.

She has not been able to wear it yet since the weather wasn’t warm enough yet. But the weather is getting better and better and since our eldest is definitely warm-blooded, she is hardly ever cold (except for when I sewed her a winter coat), it will soon come out of the closet.

The back of the top is definitely the eye catcher of this pattern. The button and loop closure takes some extra time, but looks so lovely. You might even try to use a woven or less stretchy fabric for the top part.

All the patterns are 20% off until next Monday (May 16th), and the entire collection is 30% off from the Project Run and Play website.

Fabric: Dragonfly from Lillestoff and uni yellow from de Stoffenstraat
Pattern: Sevilla Sleeveless Top pattern from Suco by Susana
Sizing: 12M – 14Y
Options: sleeveless or with ruffled shoulders
Difficulty: confident beginner

Items in 2022: 17
# Fabric this post: 0 in – 2 out (Total fabric in 2022: bought 14 new fabric – used 22 fabric – 15 scrap pieces – 0 gifted fabric) – in total 14 in 22 out and 15 scraps
# Patterns in 2022: 3 in – 1 out

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