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Her very first jumpsuit

Just before I left on my sewing weekend our eldest said she wanted me to sew a jumpsuit. I don’t like jumpsuit, so I had no inspiration. During our sewing weekend my partner in crime sewed up the Henrike jumpsuit form Zierstoff and I loved it right away. So I decided to give it a try and see if our eldest would love it as much as I did.

German patterns use the length for sizing. I decided to use the chest size which I always use for her, which is 2 sizes smaller than her length (she wears length 134, so I sewed up 122 for her chest). A problem that often occurs with jumpsuits is that it is pulling in the crotch area. Therefore I wanted to be sure that that would not happen so I sewed up length 140 (1 size longer than normal). The fit of the jumpsuit is great although the legs are a bit long. But luckily there is the option of adding elastic, which gives her the possibility of wearing it without the legs dragging on the floor.

I took a chance with the jumpsuit so I was really curious what our girl would think of the jumpsuit. She loved it right away. But when I tried it on it was way too wide at the top. Apparently, I made a mistake and did not overlap the top bits enough. Luckily it was an easy fix (although I did have to unpick to whole waistband at the top). I love the top part of the jumpsuit and that she can easily put it on herself. I see more of this pattern in the future, maybe even hacked with a skirt attached.

Fabric: knit from Nooteboom Textiles
Pattern: Henrike jumpsuit form Zierstoff (also available on Makerist)
Sizing: 110 – 152 (also available in women’s sizing (158 – 46 women’s)
Options: optional colour block on the shoulder, straight legs or with elastic.

Items in 2022: 16
# Fabric this post: 0 in – 4 out (Total fabric in 2022: bought 14 new fabric – used 21 fabric – 14 scrap pieces – 0 gifted fabric) – in total 14 in 21 out and 14 scraps
# Patterns in 2022: 3 in – 1 out

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