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Menta Slouchy Scarf

The first new pattern of the year! I did sew quite a lot during the Christmas holidays, but I haven’t put them on my blog yet. The first pattern test of the year is the Menta slouchy scarf from Menta Sewing Patterns. This is the perfect project for all those beautiful scraps. I only used scraps for the 3 scarfs I have sewed so far!

The slouchy scarf includes 3 sizes: small, medium and large. I sewed three times the small size, which is for toddlers, children and young children. The medium size is for teens and adults and the large is for people with bigger head circumstances. Definitely have a look at the finished measurements to choose your size. I also fit the small size (apparently I have a small head). Within each size there are three different buttons to adapt the width of the scarf.
Besides the sizes each size has a light weight fabric cut line and a medium weight fabric cut line. For the first one I cut on the medium weight fabric line (the black one with the butterfly), but it turned out a bit too big for our girls, it fits me better. For the other two I used the light weight fabric line (blue and purple one) and these fit our girls perfectly. The medium weight fabric is really meant for non stretch fabrics like fleece or cotton. Below you see the difference in size between the two cut lines.

The scarfs are great for tugging into your coat, also underneath your helmet during skiing. Because of the snaps at the back they stay put great and cover the nose and neck nicely. Although they are meant for wearing around your neck they are also great as a head band. The black one, which turned out a bit big fits our eldest great as a head band to keep her head and ears warm.

If you like to sew scarfs or booties, definitely check out the website of Menta Sewing Patterns. They have a 25% sale until January 26th with the code MENTASCARF.

Fabric: all scraps from this dress, these dresses and this dress.
Pattern: Menta slouchy scarf from Menta Sewing Patterns
Sizing: 3 sizes ranging for toddlers to adults
Options: colour block (2 or 3 pieces) or just one piece
Difficulty: Confident beginner

Items in 2022: 3
# Fabric this post: 0 in – 10 out (Total fabric in 2022: bought 0 new fabric – used 0 fabric – 10 scrap pieces – 0 gifted fabric) – in total 0 in 0 out and 10 scraps
# Patterns in 2022: 0 in – 0 out

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