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Three times Funky Factory Friends soft toys

I love sewing soft toys and have already sewed several for our girls. Luckily our girls love the home sewed soft toys. What I haven’t shown yet are the birth soft toys that I have sewed the last years for the birth of each of our girls. For some reason these never ended up on my blog and with some extra time during these Christmas holidays I thought let’s put them up here as well.

For our each girl I sewed two identical soft toys (almost, or at least very close to identical). I heard the stories before becoming a mom that you needed two soft toys so that at least you could wash one, or that if you lost one you still had a backup. I must say it worked great, the girls only found out after several years that there were 2 of their favorite soft toys.

For all soft toys for our three girls I used the patterns of Funky Friends Factory. The first one I am showing is Kiki Koala, which is the soft toy for our youngest. You see her in the top photo when she was 3 weeks old. Below here you see her now that she is 3 years old.

Second up is Plattie Platypus, the soft toy of our eldest. As you might see I have used the same fabrics for all soft toys. For the first soft toys that I sewed for our eldest I went to Hoofs and bought several fabrics for the soft toys. Because I only needed small pieces of fabric I still had quite some fabric left and used it for the other soft toys as well. These soft toys are siblings of each other. The base fabric is different for each of the soft toys pair.

The final pair is Stu the Sea Turtle, which turned into Stuwie. All these soft toys came along when we were traveling. One of the Stuwies was left behind in Canada in a hotel. Luckily, the hotel personnel found him and we drove back to pick him up. So we still have all six soft toys up until now.

After I sewed up Plattie I was quite surprised how big Stuwie turned out (about 38 cm/ 15″). Maybe something went wrong when printing the pattern as Plattie is the only smaller one of the three. Kiki is around 25 cm.

Fabric: most fabrics come from Hoofs, others were all gifted to me.
Patterns: Kiki Koala, Plattie Platypus, Stu the Sea Turtle from Funky Friends Factory
Sizing: 1 size per soft toy (unless you print them at a different scale)
Options: 1 soft toy per pattern

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