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Another alpenfleece dress

Our middle girl loves soft and warm fabrics, such as alpenfleece. Recently, her favourite outfits are this Foliis dress and this Bounce sweater, because they are so nice and soft on the inside. So I let our two eldest girls pick out some new alpenfleece fabrics. The first alpenfleece dress that I sewed for our middle girl is the Raglan dress with a twist from Made by Runi. I thought she could use some extra attention because we are in quarantaine at the moment and she is in isolation from her sisters because she has Covid.

Like with the other Made by Runi patterns that I have made, this pattern has many different options. There are 3 different skirts, a full circle skirt, a gathered skirt or a straight fitted skirt. I chose the gathered skirt because I thought a full circle skirt out of alpenfleece might be too heavy. For the sleeves I of course opted for the colour block option and I added a cowl. For the colour block piece I used the wrong side of the fabric, which is orange.

The cowl officially is lined, but I thought it would be too thick with alpenfleece. Instead I just used one layer and for the seam I used a French seam so that you would not see the ugly inside of the seam. The alpenfleece I used is a 2 tone alpenfleece, which is pink on the outside and has a hairy orange on the inside. You can actually wear the cowl in two ways, with two different colours. The pink one is with the cowl folded to the outside. The orange one is with the cowl folded inwards.

There is a Christmas sale with 30% off all pdf patterns. If you need some inspiration have a look at the other Made by Runi patterns that I sewed up.

Fabric: Butterfly & flowers alpenfleece and 2-tone pink orange alpenfleece both from unistoffen
Pattern: Raglan dress with a twist from Made by Runi
Sizing: 12M – 14Y (80-164 cm)
Options: 3 different skirts (full circle skirt, gathered skirt or straight skirt), 3 different pockets, option for neckband, cowl or pixie hood.
Difficulty: 3 out of 7 stars

Items in 2021: 85
# Fabric this post: 0 in – 2 out (Total fabric in 2021: bought 76 new fabric – used 118 fabric – 57 scrap pieces – 5 gifted fabric) – in total 76 in 118 out
# Patterns in 2021: 10 in – 7 out

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