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Fling hoodie jacket

The best cozy garment that I sewed this year is definitely this fling hoodie jacket from Madeit Patterns that I made in alpenfleece. I mean it is soft, warm, long and so cuddly.

The fling hoodie dress just released and the zippered jacket will release later. During testing I sewed up the zippered jacket, which I am showing you today.
I love the hemline, it is perfect to have a long hem at the back, no cold air creeping up to my back. I also like the unique detail in the sleeves.

I was in between sizes and because of the roomy style I chose the smallest of the two sizes. Additionally, I shortened my sleeves with 3 cm. Get yours while it still on sale!
I was very much looking forward to wearing the hoodie during the cold times, but unfortunately faith decided otherwise. I took the hoodie with me on our holiday to Italy for the colder evenings (I didn’t bring a coat), which was great. Since we were traveling lightly because of the airplane my parents were going to bring the hoodie with them when they would drive home by car. Unfortunately they forgot our bag. So my cozy hoodie is still in Italy and will come to the Netherlands with other people around Christmas (fingers crossed). It has made quite a journey in the meantime. Hopefully I can wear it soon!

Fabric: Jogging Alpenfleece old green from Royal Look
Pattern: fling hoodie dress from Madeit Patterns
Sizing: it starts at chest 79 cm & hip 87 cm and goes up to chest 112 cm & hip 120 cm.
Options: lined or unlined hood, side pockets or kangaroo pocket.
Difficulty: Easy/ medium

Items in 2021: 81
# Fabric this post: 6 in – 1 out (Total fabric in 2021: bought 71 new fabric – used 111 fabric – 55 scrap pieces – 5 gifted fabric) – in total 71 in 111 out
# Patterns in 2021: 9 in – 7 out

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