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Skruffle and Bounce

I love the different patterns from The Sewn Edge. I have sewed the Float dress and the Skruffle leggings have been on my sewing list for a while. When I saw a call for testers for the Bounce Sweatshirt I jumped (…) on the occasion. Our eldest is not into sweaters too much but our middle girl loves anything that is soft and cuddly. And the Bounce sweatshirt is designed for thicker fabrics, perfect to use my bolts of alpenfleece that I bought at Nooteboom Textiles.

As a colour blocking addict the bounce sweatshirt is great for combining different fabrics. The bounce sweatshirt includes 3 different versions: 1) simple sweatshirt without any colour blocking, 2) the curved bounce sweatshirt, a nice curved colour block and 3) the bounce out of bed bounce sweatshirt with optional coin pocket and optional ruffle. Of course I opted for the option with the most colour blocking options. I only didn’t add the ruffle. I sewed option 3 with piping and the coin pocket.

Since the skruffle leggings were on my sewing list for a while I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to combine the skruffle leggings with the bounce sweatshirt. I work great with deadlines and so the skruffle leggings were done in 2 evenings. I used the same purple and red alpenfleece for the leggings combined with jeans French Terry. Since the alpenfleece is quite thick I sized up 1 size to make sure the leggings were not too tight. Our girl loves the combination, it is all so soft and cuddly. And even our eldest said she wanted a sweater like that.

Fabric: the red and purple fabrics are both alpenfleece from Nooteboom Textiles. The blue alpenfleece with flowers was a leftover from these vests which I bought at textielstad. The tricot jeans was a leftover from these leggings.
Pattern: Bounce sweatshirt and Skruffle Leggings from The Sewn Edge
Sizing: 2 – 10
Options: the Bounce sweatshirt includes 3 versions: 1) the simple bounce sweatshirt, 2) curved bounce sweatshirt and 3) bounce out of bed bounce sweatshirt.
The Skruffle leggings includes 4 versions: 1) classic leggings, 2) active legs, 3) the ruffle, 4) the skruffle.
Difficulty: beginner (to intermediate)

Items in 2021: 80
# Fabric this post: 0 in – 4 out (Total fabric in 2021: bought 65 new fabric – used 110 fabric – 55 scrap pieces – 5 gifted fabric) – in total 65 in 110 out
# Patterns in 2021: 7 in – 7 out

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