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Linen summer dress with pleats

Just before my holiday I sewed up this Miss Haze top and dress from Sofiona Designs. It is just such a lovely summer dress, flowy, light and with beautiful details. It is not a quick sew but I learned a lot during this test. First I will show you the dress with pleats at the bodice and pleats at the bottom. Next I’ll show you the top with pleats at the bodice and at the back.

I love this pattern because of the details and the pop of colour in the V-section at the back. There are two different options for the front, either box pleats (like I did) or bubble tucks. For both my top and dress I sewed the box pleats. It is such a satisfying sew, having to sew neatly and see the result. The pleats at the hem are a bit more of a boring sew, I kept counting down how many more pleats I had to sew. The ties give the dress and top a bit more shape around the waist, which I definitely need in my garments.

For the first miss haze that I sewed I used a cotton piece of fabric, which was gifted to me by my aunt. It feels a bit stiff and I definitely prefer a more softer fabric, like the viscose linnen that I used for the dress. Because of the stiffer fabric I feel the tops moves around me a bit and I would recommend choosing a softer fabric for the lining and/or outside of the top.

Again the back with the pop of colour is one of my favourite parts of this top. I also added pleats to the back of the top, although you do not see it too clearly because of the busy fabric. For the dress I again choose a busy fabric and choose to make it easier for myself and leave the pleats off of the back.
You can some twinning with your girl as the haze top and dress for girls was already released earlier. All are discounted now (discount is applied to the cart).

Fabric: blue cotton is a gift from my aunt, the peach viscose linen comes from driessenstoffen
Pattern: Miss Haze top and dress from Sofiona Designs (also available for girls)
Sizing: 0 – 20
Options: shirt or knee dress length, bubble tucks or box pleats for the front bodice, optional pleats for the back and optional pleats for the hem of the dress
Difficulty: Intermediate

#sew20challenge 14/20

Items in 2021: 59
# Fabric this post: 0 in – 4 out (Total fabric in 2021: bought 57 new fabric – used 77 fabric – 49 scrap pieces – 3 gifted fabric) – in total 57 in 75 out
# Patterns in 2021: 7 in – 6 out

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