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Geometric dress coat

Our girl was wearing this coat during the first warm days of the year, when she told me it was getting too small. At first I said, no it cannot be too small yet you are only wearing it for one year. Then I realised I sewed that coat 2 years ago. Time to sew a new one. I asked her if she wanted the same pattern or something else. She said she wanted the same dress coat as she calles it (jurkjas). So I dug up the Fairytale Hoodie pattern from Made by Runi and sewed another one (well I used the projector file this time).

Recently I discovered Takoy (a Slowakian fabric company) and I fell in love right away with their triangular print, which they have in many different types of fabric. But I didn’t really had a project in mind. So now I had a great reason to buy some of that beautiful fabric. I used the winter softshell fabric for her coat, which has a thin fleece lining on the inside of the fabric.

I again did the same adaptation I did last time to the coat:
* I made the coat 2 sizes bigger than her chest size (and 1 size longer than needed so she can wear it longer)
* I added a collar (which is basically a rectangular piece of fabric the size of the neckline of the coat). Due to my positive experience with this and this winter coats I used softshell on the outside of the collar and ribbing on the inside of the collar (softshell on the inside of the collar feels a bit cold I find).
* I lengthened the zipper to go up on the collar.
* I did not line the hood and used stretch bias on the hood and the bottom of the coat.
* I added them cuffs. This time I used the thumb cuffs of the Bonfire hoodie, which I really like. You hardly see the hole for the thumb, so it works great for regular use as for when you don’t want to put your thumb through the cuffs.

This week is Hooray Norway sale from 17th of May untill 21st of May and all Made by Runi pdf patterns are discounted with 25%. So have a look at the Made by Runi’s patterns if you are interested.

Fabric: winter softshell triangular print from Takoy
Pattern: Fairytale Hoodie by Made by Runi
Sizing: 80 – 164 (US 12M – 14Y), also available for adults
Options: Standard or Pixie Hood, with or with out Hood, Buttons or zipper closure, colour blocked sleeves or just plain sleeves.
Difficulty: Intermediate

# Items in 2021: 38
# Fabric this post: 8 in – 2 out (Total fabric in 2021: bought 47 new fabric – used 43 fabric – 39 scrap pieces – 1 gifted fabric) – in total 55 in 43 out
# Patterns in 2021: 3 in – 3 out

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