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Puzzling with scraps

The puzzle dress by Made by Runi is perfect for scraps and that is what I love to do: sewing with little pieces of fabric. I don’t like to throw out any piece of fabric, no matter how small it is. This dress was just perfect to use up those saved scraps. It was indeed a puzzle to get the pieces out of the fabric I had picked out, but after some time I made it work.

I chose the colour block front and back. You can also use a one piece back, but I wanted to use up my scraps. None of my chosen scraps were big enough for the back piece by itself. I even cut the bands for the arms and neck diagonally to get them out of the fabric.

Our girl immediately recognized the fabric from the nori wrap dresses that I sewed for both her and her older sister two years ago. They are a perfect match together. She loves her new dress, although she discovered right away that she cannot twirl in it. Luckily she is not that critical.

The puzzle dress is pattern of the week and discounted until May 16th. The discount will be applied in your cart.

Fabric: both flamingo fabrics come from de Stoffenstraat.
Pattern: Puzzle dress by Made by Runi
Sizing: 80 – 164 (12M – 14), also available for women
Options: colour blocked front and back or one piece
Difficulty: 2 out of 7

# Items in 2021: 37
# Fabric this post: 16 in – 3 out (Total fabric in 2021: bought 47 new fabric – used 41 fabric – 39 scrap pieces – 1 gifted fabric) – in total 47 in 38 out
# Patterns in 2021: 3 in – 3 out

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