Shining star dresses

These dresses look like shining stars right? You can image why our daughthers fell in love with their new dresses. Just as much as I did when I first saw the dress pattern. I bought it right away. I knew our girls would love it! The pattern is called the Seren Ddisglair dress and tunic, which means shining star and is from Mother Grimm patterns.

The dress of our middle daughter is a typical rainbow coloured type of dress. Both girls love the rainbow colours. Since I didn’t want to make two rainbow coloured dresses I started with a piece leftover from this dress for our eldest and searched in my stash for matching colours for the skirt. I love the changes of colours in the skirt. The dress from our middle daughter started with a leftover from this dress. Both girls love how colourful the dresses are and of course the twirl of the dress.

The dresses I sewed are both over the knee length with the start panel dress option. There is also the possibility of on the knee length and making a separate skirt or plain panels (without the start shape in the skirt). The dress is not a quick sew but a very rewarding sew and great for smaller pieces of fabric.

I again used my rainbow colored thread for hemming the dress of our middle daughter. I think it works great if you don’t want to choose a colour and work with many different colours. For our eldest I also used a multicolored thread in the colours blue and purple.

Fabric: the bodices were leftover from previous projects. My uni colours come from de Stoffenstraat.
Pattern: Seren Ddisglair dress and tunic from Mother Grimm patterns
Sizing: 12M – 14Y
Options: two skirt lengths (on or over the knee), skirt or dress, star panel or plain panel options, short or long sleeves.
Difficulty: Beginner/ sewist with experience

# Items in 2021: 35
# Fabric this post: 0 in – 13 out (Total fabric in 2021: bought 31 new fabric – used 38 fabric – 36 scrap pieces – 1 gifted fabric) – in total 31 in 38 out
# Patterns in 2021: 2 in – 3 out

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