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Cases for pencils or glasses

I love making handmade gifts and cases are just perfect for that. The book Zo geknipt! 2 includes several cases, big and small. Last year I sewed a case for glasses and this year I sewed up the pencil case.

Last year I wanted to give a handmade gift to my dad for Father’s Day. So I was browsing through the Zo geknipt! 2 book and found this case for glasses. Perfect for my dad who wears glasses and wears different glasses when he plays the piano. He is a big fan of anything black. I wanted to add a little of my own touch and added some fun fabric for the inside. I love the shape of the case!

When we were picking out fabrics for the winter coats of the girls last year, I came across Mia and Me fabric. Both our girls loved the fabric and wanted it. I thought it was perfect for our middle daughter and wanted to use a different fabric for our eldest. I wasn’t sure if she would still like Mia and Me next year (usually they wear their coats two years) so I persuaded her to sew a pencil case for her in the Mia and Me fabric.

For the outside I used leftovers from these soft shell coats. For the inside I used cotton. I really like the design of the pencil case with the diagonal zipper. There are two different sizes included for the pencil (or make-up) case. I used the smallest one. I did add the main bodice of the case differently. So my case has more width than the original pattern. I did that to make sure that pencils would fit inside the case. Our daughter loves it and of course our middle daughter requested one as well.

Fabrics: leftovers from this coat and this coat.
Patterns: all from the book Zo geknipt! 2

# Items in 2021: 33
# Fabric this post: 3 in – 4 out (Total fabric in 2021: bought 31 new fabric – used 27 fabric – 34 scrap pieces – 1 gifted fabric) – in total 31 in 27 out
# Patterns in 2021: 2 in – 2 out

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