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Another colour blocked dress

I love colour blocking in my clothing just as much as I do for our girls’ clothing. Made by Runi has some great colour blocking patterns. I already sewed this dress and this sweater for myself, which have some great colour blocking. My new dress is the 50/50 dress from Made by Runi, which also has a beautiful colour blocking line.

The 50/50 dress has 3 different necklines. I used the middle neckline and I am really happy with how it turned out. For the front I used the colour blocked pieces, while for the back I just used the one piece pattern. Since I have my projector I prefer to use it and I haven’t printed any pattern since then. Unfortunately, the A0 is not yet available for the 50/50 dress (Runi is updating all patterns, but of course this takes time). Luckily it is easily fixed by using the A4 pattern and using pdfstitcher to create a projector file with layers.

Fabric: de green fabric is an interlock that I bought at de Stoffenstraat several years ago. The black fabric is a brushed French Terry.
Pattern: 50/50 dress from Made by Runi,
Sizing: 34 – 54
Options: colour blocked or one piece front or back bodice, sleeveless, short sleeves or long sleeves, 3 necklines.
Difficulty: 2 out of 7 stars

# Items in 2021: 11
# Fabric this post: 0 in – 2 out (Total fabric in 2021: bought 0 new fabric – used 8 fabric – 19 scrap pieces – 0 gifted fabric) – in total 0 in 8 out
# Patterns in 2021: 0 in – 0 out

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