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Another dancing leotard

This leotard was a favorite and our middle daughter now wears it. Time to make a new one for our eldest. I was inspired by this velvet outfit so I thought lets sew a velvet leotard. The stretch velvet that I had left from the velvet outfit was not suitable for the leotard as it only stretched one way. I did have some stretch velvet left from this sweater, which does have two way stretch so I decided to use that. For the skirt I used velour the panne, which has some stretch, but only one way.

Our girl was blown away by her new leotard, she loves it! It is so soft she says while stroking it. Too bad that shortly after finishing the leotard last year we were in another lockdown. Again dancing class stopped. Let’s see when she gets to wear it again.

I already used the Tessa (3891) pattern from Jalie before. This time I decided to omit the triangular shape at the neck and just sew the bodice and the skirt. It is a rather quick sew and the fit is great.

Fabric: velvet from Nooteboom Textiles and velour de panne from Yes Fabrics.
Pattern: Tessa long sleeve dress and leotard (3891) pattern from Jalie
Sizing: 2 – 18 (92 – 48 EU size)
Options: with or without skirt and optional V insert.

# Fabric this week: 0 in – 2 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 113 new fabric – used 177 fabric – 56 scrap pieces – 15 gifted fabric) – in total in 2020 113 in 177 out
# Patterns in 2020: 15 in – 19 out

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