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Birthday Lykka dress for myself

My birthday was a couple weeks back, just before Christmas. I sewed this dress so I had something new to wear on my birthday. It is great to sew something for a special day, don’t you think? I loved the result of the kids Lykka so of course I also had to sew one for myself. A little bit different and a great dress!

The Lykka dress from Mamili 1910 is a pattern with different options. In this dress version you use the back piece for the front and the back. Additionally the pattern also includes three other skirt pieces so you can make a three layered dress like I did with this dress. If you leave the skirt off you can also sew a top/sweater with the pattern. I definitely want to sew that one. I just love the collar of this pattern and the asymmetrical lines!

For my birthday I received a projector, yay! I was already reading about it for a while. It is just great that you don’t need to print, cut, tape and trace anymore. Sewing can go even quicker! Since the beginning of this year, my husband hang the projector and it I calibrated it. So I have sewed my first projects with my projector.

Fabric: french terry, the olive is a brushed french terry (very thick and warm) from Stoffen-Hemmers.
Pattern: Lykka dress from Mamili 1910
Sizing: 34 – 48
Options: Sweater, tunic or dress length, with different dress options.

# Fabric this week: 0 in – 2 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 113 new fabric – used 176 fabric – 49 scrap pieces – 15 gifted fabric) – in total in 2020 113 in 176 out
# Patterns in 2020: 15 in – 19 out

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