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Nordik slippers

Surprise, two new patterns from Jalie. The Nordik (4025) and the Flair (4026) are released. The Nordik includes quilted booties and slippers with a travel shoe bag. The Flair includes face masks and accessoires. I sewed up the slippers from the Nordik pattern.

I always wear slippers during winter. Especially now that I work from home I basically wear slippers all the time. The slippers that I have are wearing down so it was the perfect time to sew slippers for myself. The first pair that I sewed was the Nordik slippers and they fit perfectly. I love the design. The rib knit fabric at the back of the slipper with elastic inside makes that they fit very well. I used a woven fabric for the outside (which was a leftover from these pants) and fleece for the inside. Just like with all Jalie patterns the pattern includes, kids, junior and adult sizes.

The clean finish of the slippers makes that they are reversable. Isn’t that great?
The slippers are also very nice and warm because of the batting between the outside and inner layer. I have been wearing them for some days now and they are very nice and comfortable. For the bottom I used anti slip fabric which I bought at Actiefstoffen. The fabric is not cheap, but it works great. No sliding down the stairs, which I have done before.

Fabric: woven fabric, off-white dots flower from Birch, fleece from de Stoffenstraat
Pattern: Nordik Quilted booties and slippers with travel shoe bag (4025) from Jalie
Sizing: Kids size 25 – 31,5. Junior 32 – 35,5. Adults 35,5 – 47.
Options: Quilted booties with optional adjustable elastic or slippers and 1 size travel bag.

# Fabric this week: 1 in – 3 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 97 new fabric – used 150 fabric – 42 scrap pieces – 12 gifted fabric) – in total 97 in 150 out
# Patterns in 2020: 14 in – 19 out

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