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Nini noni nightwear nightgown

Our girls love dresses, day and night. So when I saw the tester call from Designs by Call Ajaire* I knew it would be a hit in our house. And indeed our middle daughter loves her Nini noni Nightgown. And the perfect thing about these nightgowns is that they last for a long time. This nightgown I made a year ago for our eldest still fits. It is just a bit shorter, but she can easily wear them for a couple of years. Of course our eldest also requested a nightgown all the way to the ground just like her sister.

The Nini noni nightwear pattern includes many options, both for boys and girls. It includes the classic maxi length nightgown that I sewed. In total there are four top options (two top length and two maxi length options) with four sleeve options. Additionally, there are three bottom options (two shorts and one long pants).

The pattern includes the perfect options for nightwear as well as for lounging and it can be used both for girls and boys. Additionally, it starts at NB and goes up to 16Y. Basically, a pattern which you use can for all your kids.

I made two versions during testing. One without the ruffle at the bottom and one with the ruffle. I am not a big fan of gathering so after gathering both the top and the bottom ruffle I was done with gathering. It worked quite well with the three stitch lines (as suggested in the instructions), I will try that again when I have to gather again.

The Nini Noni nightwear pattern is part of the project run and play Lounge collection. Now off to sew some more long nightgowns for our eldest.

Fabric: all fabric I already had for a long time in my stash
Pattern: Nini Noni Nightwear Pattern by Designs by Call Ajaire
Sizing: NB – 16Y
Options: 4 top options, 4 sleeve options, 3 bottom options.
Difficulty: Beginner

# Fabric this week: 0 in – 5 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 96 new fabric – used 148 fabric – 41 scrap pieces – 12 gifted fabric) – in total 96 in 148 out
# Patterns in 2020: 12 in – 19 out

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