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Swirl around leggings

Recently I was doing some shopping in an online store and saw sports leggings with stretch velvet in them. I loved the idea and thought, I can make that! The swirl around leggings from Made by Runi were on my list to sew since the release, both for one of our girls and for myself. When I finished this outfit I still had some velvet left and used the silver stretch velvet to sew the swirl around leggings for our eldest.

It is a quick sew, you just need to pay attention to all the different pattern pieces and make sure you are using the right ones. You can also sew a plain version from the pattern. There are two options for the waistband, either you can sew the elastic to the top of the pants or add a waistband. I added a waistband from jersey.

Our girl was over the moon, wow, leggings with silver in it and it is so soft! I made the leggings from french terry so she could still wear them during colder days.
The pattern is pattern of the week so it is discounted for the whole week, no code needed. Of course also the women’s swirl around leggings are discounted.

Fabric: Silver lycra velours from budgetstoffen and purple french terry.
Pattern: swirl around leggings from Made by Runi (also available for women)
Sizing: 80 -164
Options: elastic or waistband
Difficulty: 3 out of 7 stars

# Fabric this week: 0 in – 2 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 84 new fabric – used 129 fabric – 41 scrap pieces – 11 gifted fabric) – in total 84 in 129 out
# Patterns in 2020: 11 in – 19 out

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