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Corduroy dress

I fell in love with stretch corduroy this spring so I bought a bolt at Nooteboom Textiles and sewed up two pieces of clothing with the corduroy during our last sewing weekend. Today I am showing you the Lila dress and jumpsuit from Compagnie-M* and Lily & Wood. The other piece that I sewed with the corduroy are these pants for our daughter.
I sewed the harem jumpsuit when our middle daughter was born, so almost 5 years ago. This time I sewed the dress. One of the options for the skirt is a gathered skirt, which I chose. In the instructions it was recommended to gather less (and cut a less wide piece of fabric for the skirt) with bulkier fabrics, so I did. However, I feel it could use more gathering, even though it might turn out bulkier.
The pattern includes several options: a harem jumpsuit or a dress. The dress has several options as well: for the bodice there is a basic bodice or a wrapped bodice, for the skirt there is a gathered skirt, a wrap skirt with ties, a reversible dress, or a skirt with box pleats. Additionally, you can add a faux flap, patch or bow pocket and standing collar. Lots of options!
I took these pictures already 5 months ago. She wore the dress during spring and it is perfect for layering during fall. I played around with the stripes of the two pieces. The red stretch corduroy has bigger stripes which I used horizontally, I used the ochre stretch corduroy vertically. Since the fabric has enough stretch both horizontally and vertical that worked out great.
Fabric: Stretch corduroy from Nooteboom Textiles and a coupon from Textielstad
Sizing: 0 – 2
Options: harem jumpsuit or dress 3 bodice options (basic bodice with squad neckline, wrap bodice with or without a tie), 3 skirt options (A-line skirt with or without box pleat, gathered skirt), optional reversible dress, extra details (faux flap, patch or bow pocket and standing collar)
Difficulty: 2 out of 4 stars
# Fabric this week: 0 in – 2 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 76 new fabric – used 106 fabric – 34 scrap piece – 8 gifted fabric) – in total 76 in 148 out
# Patterns in 2020: 10 in – 15 out

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