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Urban unicorn hoodie

Some patterns just take a long time before they are sewed up. The urban hoodie by Heidi and Finn, is definitely one of those in my case. I bought the pattern almost 5 years ago and it stayed in my pattern stash. Only when I saw someone post one in the Heidi & Finn group a couple of months ago I was inspired again and decided to sew the Urban hoodie for our youngest.

The urban hoodie is an oversized and lined hoodie, available in the size range 6M – 12Y. I used two sweat fabrics so it will be nice and warm during winter.

I added a colour block to the front side of the hoodie, because I wanted to accentuate the asymmetrical element of the hoodie. And of course because I love colour blocking. I added a wide stripe of fabric to the existing pattern piece, which I folded and topstitched. Additionally, instead of aligning the lining and the main fabric in the sleeves I chose to make the lining longer so it would peek out of the sleeves. I love a pop of colour.

Again I changed the hood, just like I did with these unicorn sweaters. The hood consists of two pieces, the main hood piece and one mirrored. I cut the pattern piece of the hood into two pieces and then cut that piece out twice, once regularly and one mirrored. I sewed these two pieces together where the front of the hood is. I put the pieces wrong sides together and sewed them together with the seam when attaching the first piece to the second piece. I topstitched the hood on the seam where the two pieces of the hood meet. I used the same fabric for both pieces, but love the line on the hood. This makes that the hood is not lined, but the front is still nicely finished.

I used fabric that was in my #lockdownbox from About Blue Fabrics. I already sewed this sweater from the unicorn fabric, but there was enough left to sew another sweater for our youngest. And still many more beautiful fabrics left from my lockdownbox to sew from.

Fabric: Sparkle unicorn from About Blue fabrics
Pattern: Urban Hoodie by Heidi and Finn
Sizing: 6M – 12Y
Options: just one, the hoodie.

# Fabric this week: 5 in – 2 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 76 new fabric – used 101 fabric – 32 scrap piece – 8 gifted fabric) – in total 76 in 141 out
# Patterns in 2020: 10 in – 15 out

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