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Cropped woven jacket

Remember this hoodie, with those fun colour blocking lines? There is a new sister in town, it is the Rose Hip Jacket from Sofiona Designs, a cropped jacked for woven fabrics. It has the same colour blocking options as the Clover hoodie as well as the zippered sleeve pocket. Additionally, it has optional welt pockets and double cuffs.

The Rose hip is definitely a more extensive pattern, as in it takes more time to sew it up. I included all the optional extras as the zippered sleeve pocket and the welt pockets (I even took the time to make sure the fabric continued in the welt pockets). It took me all week from start to finish, but I am so proud of it. I am jealous of the jacket and I am patiently waiting to see when the Miss pattern will come.

The jacket is designed for woven fabrics. And I do like to work with woven fabrics when putting in zippers. The fabric doesn’t move as easily as knit does. For the sleeves I used a velvet fabric with very little stretch. For the inside of the bodice I used a teddy/wool fabric to make the jacket nice and warm. For the sleeves I used cotton fabric to make it easier to put on. If you would like to use a teddy fabric for the sleeves I would suggest to size up.

I really loved sewing the jacket and it has inspired me to make the winter jackets for our two older girls. I have ordered the fabrics, let’s see how long those take before they are finished. Luckily there is enough time before winter starts and in the mean time she can wear this lovely jacket. Our girl loves it, especially the girl fabric and the sleeve pocket (she wanted one ever since her sister received the sweater with the sleeve pocket).

The Rose Hip is 25% discounted until Monday Midnight CST.

Fabric: all gifted from others, the girl fabric was a scrap piece from somebody at one of my sewing weekends, the blue vervet like fabric comes from my mother, the teddy inside was a gift from my aunt.
Rose Hip Jacket from Sofiona Designs
Sizing: 2 -16
Options: 3 bodice options, crop or waist length, hood or jacket style neckband, optional zippered sleeve pocket, optional welt pocket (for waist length), single or double cuff.
Difficulty: Advanced
Sewing time: 6 hours

# Fabric this week: 7 in – 3 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 71 new fabric – used 95 fabric – 32 scrap piece – 8 gifted fabric) – in total 71 in 135 out
# Patterns in 2020: 7 in – 12 out

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