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Neverland tee

I don’t often sew t-shirts, although they are quick and an easy sew and the result is always unique. Nevertheless, if I sew t-shirts, I love something with colour blocking. The Neverland Tee from Stitch upon a time* ticks that box, it has a great colour blocking detail.
With t-shirts it is always the question whether it will be worn a lot or not. When I sew a dress for our eldest she will definitely wear it. With t-shirts it really depends, let’s see if she likes it. Luckily she has two sisters who she can pass it on to, so it will be worn in the end.
The Neverland tee has three sleeve options and the possibility to hem or use cuffs at the sleeves. There is the colour block version of the tee or with a plain front and/or back. I used the colour blocked pattern pieces for both the front and the back. It is a pattern with a straight fit that works well for both boys and girls. I used leftover fabric from this dress that I sewed for myself.
The Neverland Tee is on sale during the whole month. Also the Women’s and kids Neverland Tees, together with the Huntsman Shirt and the Kids’ Ariel and Women’s Ursula Leggings and skirt are discounted.

Fabric: both the flower fabric and the uni coloured fabric come from de Stoffenstraat (leftover)

Pattern: Kid’s Neverland Tee from Stitch upon a time
Sizing: NB – 12Y
Options: 3 sleeve options, cuff or hemmed sleeves, colour blocked or plain
Difficulty: Beginner
Sewing time: 1 hour
# Fabric this week: 0 in – 3 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 64 new fabric – used 93 fabric – 32 scrap piece – 5 gifted fabric) – in total 64 in 130 out
# Patterns in 2020: 7 in – 12 out
* Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links”. This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission, the price for you will be the same, it doesn’t cost you anything extra. Thank you for supporting my hobby and my fabric and pattern addiction

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