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Colour block hoodie with a twist

With the colder weather I have started sewing sweaters, for our girls and for myself. My husband isn’t really into hoodies, but after seeing mine, he was doubting, whether maybe he also wanted one for himself. Let me first show you my sweater. I used the Raglan hoodie with a twist from Made by Runi, which is pattern of the week this week so available with a discount. I used the fitted one for women, there is also a straight cut for men and a children’s version. So you can sew one for the whole family.

The Raglan hoodie with a twist has the same colour blocking as the hourglass dress that I made recently. I love this colour blocking it looks great! There is also a one piece bodice piece if you don’t like the colour blocking. Additionally, there is the option of colour blocked shoulder pieces. The pattern includes a hood and a cowl. Nevertheless, I used the free add-on of the cross-over cowl and hood. I used the asymmetrical positioning of the eyelets. You can choose the symmetrical positioning of the eyelets. I used snappap (vegan leather) which I bought at Mamarieke.

To accentuate the lines in the pattern I added a stripe of 3 cm wide fabric that I sewed between the pattern pieces. I ommitted the waistband. I did not need to change the length as I am 162 cm and the patterns are drawn for 168 cm.


Fabric: I have these sweat fabrics already for a long time, no idea where they are from
PatternRaglan hoodie with a twist from Made by Runi
Sizing: 34-54, S – XXXL, 80 – 164
Options: cowl or hoodie, colour blocked bodice or plain bodice, colour blocked sleeves or plain.
Sewing time: 2,5 hours

# Fabric this week: 0 in – 2 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 64 new fabric – used 93 fabric – 29 scrap piece – 5 gifted fabric) – in total 64 in 127 out
# Patterns in 2020: 7 in – 12 out

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