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Junior Miss Dandelion – a pink dress for me!

Testing for myself is something I really like because my wardrobe grows with handmade items, which always fit much better than store bought clothing, and I often get challenged during testing. Sometimes with new techniques, sometimes with clothing that are outside of my comfort zone, but turn out awesome in the end, sometimes also with fabric choices. I also like that I learn about my own body measurements and the changes that I have to do for each pattern. This makes it easier for future patterns that I am going to make. Meet the new pink (!) Miss Dandelion dress by Sofiona Designs.
I never thought that I would wear a pink (well maybe dark fuchsia) dress, let alone sew one for myself. But this stripe fabric (it has very small stripes, which are difficult to see in the pictures) is a colour I just fell for when I saw it at Nooteboom Textiles. This dress, and the colour, where definitely out of my comfort zone. I loved the Dandelion peplum tops that I sewed for our girls before so I wanted one for myself as well. I mean that back, I love that! I did have to get used to it, but it is growing on me. It is such a comfortable dress and looks quite good.
And it even twirls!
Sofiona Designs designs also for the junior miss ranges (0-20) and I am lucky enough to fit that range. It is great for when our girls get older and grow out of the kids pattern range, but that will take a while.
There are two options for the binding on the top. For the dress the binding is showing, I therefore used a different fabric for the visible binding. For the peplum top I used the invisible option, where the binding is not visible.


Peplum tops… I wasn’t sure whether I would like it on myself. The first one I sewed during testing was a peplum top. It is such a great top to wear and also the peplum is growing on me. A peplum top gives your outfit something special and female, which I like. And the colour of the peplum top is my weak spot, wherever I see a shade of petrol, I feel I need to buy it. So this fabric from Nooteboom Textiles will be used a lot.
Besides the release of the Miss Dandelion dress, also the Miss Aspen add-on is released, a romper pattern. You need the Miss Dandelion dress as the basis. If you like both you are better off buying the Miss Romper Bundle. The release sale ends Monday Midnight CST. There is 25% discount of the individual patterns and 20% off the bundle.

Fabric: Uni petrol and stripe fabric all from Nooteboom Textiles.
Sizing: 0 – 20
Options: Peplum, knee length dress or maxi length dress, tank top or short sleeves, with invisible or visible facing. 
Difficulty: Advanced beginner
Sewing time: 2,5 hours
# Fabric this week: 0 in – 2 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 61 new fabric – used 83 fabric – 29 scrap piece – 5 gifted fabric) – in total 61 in 117 out
# Patterns in 2020: 5 in – 8 out

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