Breeze dress in knit

I love dresses with a stunning back. Also with the knit breeze dress from Tadah Patterns, I immediately fell in love with the back. After buying the pattern I immediately ordered the bra closure for the back and after almost a year I sewed up the pattern. Our girl is over the moon with it! This dress has not seen the inside of her closet yet.


I love patterns with lots and lots of options. The Knit breeze dress has lots of options. I used the sliced front with the panelled skirt so that the front colour block in the bodice continues in the skirt. A half circle skirt and a full circle skirt are also included. I like patterns that include half cirlce skirts because they need less fabric and our girls find half circle skirts twirly enough.

In total 6 different sleeve options are included in the pattern, so even for colder weather you can use this pattern, although you might need something to cover the bare back. I anticipated on the Dutch weather and therefore made a top that matches this dress (same fabric). She already wore them together and the high neck of the top on the back works great with the neckline on the back of this dress. I used short sleeves, but also flounce, cap, long, mid and sleeveless is an option. There are two different necklines, a high neckline and a low neckline. I used the low neckline for the dress. If you prefer to sew with woven fabrics, there is also a woven breeze dress.

Fabric: Tricot 11593 from By Lison bought at Driessen stoffen
Sizing: 1-14
Options: high or low neckline, 6 sleeve options (cap, short, mid, long, flounce or sleeveless), 3 skirt options (half circle, full circle or panelled skirt, peplum or dress length, plain front or sliced front (with optional ruffles)
Difficulty: Adventurous beginner
Sewing time: 2 hours
# Fabric this week: 15 in – 2 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 56 new fabric – used 74 fabric – 28 scrap piece – 5 gifted fabric) – in total 56 in 107 out
# Patterns in 2020: 3 in – 7 out

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