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Softshell SHO! Jacket

Our middle girl was in need of a new coat. I had some fabric left from this softshell coat (also for our middle girl, wasn’t she small back then?), but not enough for a whole coat. Plus I like colour blocking and combining fabrics, so I ordered some new softshell fabric to make the Kids Jacket from SHO! The red softshell is actually a very special fabric as clouds will appear on the fabric when it gets wet, how cool is that?!


The SHO! Kids Jacket is for non-stretch fabrics. I used the chest size of our daughter and sized up in length, so that hopefully she can wear it another year. I love the asymmetrical front and diagonal zipper. Also the cowl neck is an eyecatcher, although you cannot see it that well as our daughter put it down in the pictures.


The top front of the flap is lined. You can also choose to fully line the whole jacket. I also like the flap behind the zipper. It looks so much better when you have the zipper just halfway up. I added a little flap at the top of the zipper because I know from experience that the top of the zipper does not feel nice to your neck. It wasn’t really necessary since the zipper ends at the shoulder but I still like the professional look of it.


The pattern has several possibilities for colour blocking. The sleeves consist of two pattern pieces and the front and back have side panels, which you can use for colour blocking.  There are also pockets, which are in the seam between the side panel and the front panel. I also own the women’s jacket, so let’s see when I will make that. It is a german pattern and there is always a hurdle to make those. It takes some extra time to really understand what is going on, but I love the result and it is worth the extra effort.

Fabric: the Bird softshell comes from Hoofs, the red Magic softshell comes from Rijstextiles.
PatternKids Jacket from SHO!
Sizing: 86/92 – 170/176 (1T/2T – 16/18)
Options: fully lined jacket or not
Sewing time: 8 hours

# Fabric this week: 0 in – 2 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 31 new fabric – used 52 fabric – 24 scrap piece – 4 gifted fabric) – in total 31 in 80 out

# Patterns in 2020: 3 in – 5 out

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