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Aureum for girls: maxi dresses for all

After the Aureum Women it is time for the Aureum girls from Sofilantjes*! Yay! Twinning to the max with my two eldest girls. I made maxi dresses for all three of us.
Just like with the Aureum Women (Nederlands), the Aureum girls has four different back options. In the picture above you see three of the options. During the test for the women’s Aureum I sewed three Aureums with option A. You can see the final dress with option A here. During the girl’s test I got the chance to sew option C (on my maxi dress) and D (the one on the right). Only option B remained. I asked our eldest which option she wanted and she chose option B (the one on the left). I cannot choose which option I like best, each option has something I like.

I got to sew maxi length during testing. Our eldest loves maxi dresses, she has several in her closet. I thought let’s see how our middle daughter will like it. She likes them, but not as much as her sister. She just loves every dress that I make her (it is not dependent on the length). The length of the maxi dress for our middle daughter is perfect and according to her height. For our eldest I used a longer length (she is 117 cm and I sewed 122 cm) and shortened it a bit. It is still on the long side, but the longer the better in her opinion.

I bought fabric at Nooteboom Textiles on the bold so I had enough for three maxi dresses and still have enough left to sew many more maxi dresses. I just own 1 maxi dress and this would be the perfect excuse to sew another one for me. It is the first time that I went for a twinning set with the three of us. My husband is not a big fan, he didn’t want a matching t-shirt, as I still have enough fabric left. Our youngest will get something out of the fabric. I am planning a Stella Jumpsuit from Sofilantjes for her in this fabric.

Another thing I like with this pattern is that you play with the bias binding (although I still do not like bias binding after sewing 8 Aureums the last weeks, although it is better with tape binder on my coverlock). You can use the same colour of bias in the whole and the arms, or use different fabrics or use the same fabric of the top piece. I tried all the different options. Which one do you like best?

If you didn’t buy the Women’s Aureum yet, now is your final chance to get it on sale in a bundle (it is not on sale separately). (Er is ook een Nederlandse bundel).
Fabric: from Nooteboom Textiles
Sizing: 80-164 (12M-14Y)
Options: 4 back options, 4 length options
Difficulty: Advanced beginner
Sewing time: 1,5 hours

# Fabric this week: 5 in – 3 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 31 new fabric – used 49 fabric – 24 scrap piece – 4 gifted fabric) – in total 31 in 77 out

# Patterns in 2020: 3 in – 5 out
* Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links”. This means if you click on the link and purchase an item, I will receive an affiliate commission, the price for you will be the same. Thank you for supporting my fabric and pattern addiction

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