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A spring inspired misusu outfit: Doris & Piper

Joining an inspirational tour is always exciting (+ Giveaway!). This time I am joining the spring inspiration tour of Misusu where in total 35 bloggers are showing you inspiration with the Piper Tank Top combined with the Doris skirt or the Alex Joggers (which are now available in a bundle). Also more on the giveaway below!

I was part of the testing team when the Doris skirt was released 2 years ago. I sewed two skirts during testing. Actually our middle girl, for which I sewed this set, actually fits these skirt at the moment. So she has three Doris skirts in her closet. I love the design of the Doris skirt with the back fabric peeping in the front. I added flat piping to accentuate the line of the pockets and the tapered shape of the skirt. And that waistband, I love the originality of the skirt!Foto+1.jpgFoto+7.jpgFoto+3.jpg

The Piper Tank Top was a new pattern for me. Wow that pattern is packed with lots of options which makes it suitable for both boys and girls. It has four different back options: a “straight” back in just one fabric, then you can add a yoke and crossover petals. The fourth option is a penguin tale back. You can choose between “straight” armholes and racerback armholes. There are also 3 different pockets you can choose from. I chose the crossover petal back option with “straight” armholes and I left the pocket off.

The printed fabrics come from her which I received during our last sewing weekend. The uni colours were all in my stash and perfectly matched the fabric.

The spring inspiration tour by Misusu is ending on Sunday May 10nd and so does the bundle release sale. Also part of this tour is a Giveaway that I am hosting on Instagram, so hop on over to win one of the new bundles.

Doris skirt and piper top by Misusu Patterns
Fabric: Regenboog van Eva Mouton, other fabrics come from my stash.
PatternPiper Tank Top and Doris skirt by Misusu Patterns (now available in bundles: Doris&Piper Bundle and Alex&Piper Bundle)
Sizing: 80 – 164 (9/12M – 13/14Y)
Options: Piper tank top: “straight” tank or A-line tank, Penguin tail back or crossover petal back, crew neck or v-neck, “straight” armholes or racerback armholes, optional back yoke, 3 different pockets.
Difficulty: Confident beginner
Sewing time: 4 hours

# Fabric this week: 0 in – 5 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 26 new fabric – used 39 fabric – 21 scrap piece – 3 gifted fabric) – in total 26 in 63 out

# Patterns in 2020: 2 in – 5 out

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