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A Clover hoodless hoodie with arm pocket

Well get your zippers ready because everybody will want arm pockets after seeing this amazing hoodie. It is the Clover hoodie from Sofiona Designs. It is an amazing sweater with lots of colour block options and that pocket…
Clover hoodie by Sofiona Designs
The Clover hoodie has many different options. It has three different styles for the front and back of the bodice. I made view A (see the pictures af the bottom of this blog post with the cactus fabric) and view B (with the unicorns). There is also a view C with no style lines in the bodice. View A is great for combing different fabrics and if you like colour blocking like I do. View B has fewer sewing lines and after seeing people in our tester group using piping I wanted to try that. Me not using the opportunity to combine different fabrics is something. I used flat piping to accentuate the different style lines in View B.

The unicorn fabric comes form my #lockdownbox from About Blue Fabrics. I though it would be fun to be surprised by some fabric and as a gift to myself during these interesting times. I loved all the fabric inside my box so I thought let’s get a start right away with that new fabric. It is french terry, perfect for a summer sweater.


And than that pocket. The first pocket I sewed took me 1,5 hours. But the result, I was so proud, it is such a fun detail and I learned some new tricks, which I love about pattern testing. And when I showed the sweater to our girls, both fell instantly in love with that pocket. Our eldest asked for any new piece of clothing with also such a pocket. They love that it can open and they can put stuff in there (not that much, since it is not too big). I really feel the pocket makes the sweater even more fun!


The sweater has two lengths, the waist length, which I made, and a cropped length (which will show the belly button). The sleeves and sweater have a slouchy feel so very comfortable. Besides the long sleeves also an elbow length sleeve and a short sleeve (just using the bodice pattern pieces) are included. The cactus fabric sweater is a previous version I made during testing. Some small changes were made (one change was the shortening of the sleeves) to the pattern and the unicorn fabric sweater shows the final pattern.


Since it is a hoodie it of course includes a hood. Our girls are not big fans of hoods so instead I used the banded neckline options for both sweaters.
The Clover hoodie will be on sale until Sunday with a 25% discount.


Fabric: Sparkle unicorn from About Blue fabrics, the cactus fabric was a leftover that I received from my mom.
Pattern: Clover hoodie by Sofiona Designs
Sizing: 2 – 16Y
Options: 3 different bodice options (and optional lining), cropped and waist length, short length sleeve, elbow length sleeve or long sleeves, hood or neckband and optional pocket
Difficulty: Intermediate
Sewing time: 3 hours

# Fabric this week: 0 in – 3 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 16 new fabric – used 29 fabric – 21 scrap piece – 1 gifted fabric) – in total 16 in 51 out

# Patterns in 2020: 2 in – 4 out

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