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Basic raglan for my man

Last weekend I went on a sewing weekend and I try to make something for everybody during such a weekend. For my husband I made another t-shirt. This time I used the Basic Raglan by Made by Runi. It is a great basic pattern that works well and is sewed together very quickly.

Basic Raglan by Made by Runi

I let my husband pick out the fabric and I must say I like the combination that he picked out! There is not much else to say about this project other than it was finished within an hour and it makes a happy man. He feels a bit neglected when it comes to sewing. I sewed 11 items during the sewing weekend, 5 for our eldest, 3 for our middle one, 2 for our youngest and just 1 for him. He is right, I should sew more for him and with these quick projects why not?


The Basic Raglan is pattern of the week, which means you can get it this week with a discount. Also a basic raglan pattern for kids (with a twist) and women is available. These are also discounted this week.


Fabric: both fabrics come from the Stoffenstraat
Pattern: Basic Raglan (for men) by Made by Runi
Sizing: S – XXXXL
Options: short or long sleeves and you can add an colourblock to the sleeves and three lengths: short, middle and tall (length and sleeve length)
Difficulty: two out of 7 stars
Sewing time: 1 hour

# Fabric this week: 0 in – 2 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 4 new fabric – used 19 fabric – 1 scrap piece) – in total 4 in 20 out

# Patterns in 2020: 2 in – 4 out

2 thoughts on “Basic raglan for my man

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  1. Ha, ik maakte ook iets voor iedereen afgelopen weekend. 🙂 Wel fijn zo thuiskomen he! En mooi dat je dat binnen het uur af krijgt!


  2. Ja altijd fijn om voor iedereen wat te maken, is iedereen blij. Snelle projectjes zijn helemaal fijn op het naaiweekend. Ben benieuwd naar wat jij precies allemaal hebt gemaakt 😉


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