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Problem solving with take the plunge

This year, 2020, has been a challenging sewing year. I guess being busy and trying to fit the sewing in between all the activities and being sleep deprived are not the best circumstances. Just like with this top I had some cutting issues. I had to get creative and solve some fabric issues but I love the Take the plunge from Made by Runi.

The first thing I like about the Take the plunge top is the lower back reduction. I usually take out excess fabric at the back so when I saw this option I wanted to try it out and it works great. No cutting issues here yet… Because I already did not have the right height of my fabric to cut out the second sleeve I added an extra colour block. I love colour blocks and asymmetrical garments are even better. Only when I started sewing did I realise I cut out the wrong front piece (as in another back piece). Of course I did not have enough fabric to cut a new front. I like to get my garments out of pieces of fabric that are just the right size (or maybe just not the right size when you make a cutting mistake). I had to get creative and had to add some pieces of fabric to get the right front piece. The extra seams on the front are thus from my cutting mistake.


I also like the splits at the bottom of the top, it gives it a nice little touch. The Take the plunge is the pattern of the week, so you can get it with a discount this week.

Fabric: It is an interlock fabric which I bought in Italy. The outside is purple and the inside is the grey from the stripe on the sleeve.
Sizing: 32-54 (US 2-24)
Options: regular back or a lower back reduction option, waterfall front and/or back, shirt length, knee length (dress) or maxi dress length, short, half or long sleeve.
Difficulty: 4 out of 7
Sewing time: 1,5 hours

# Fabric this week: 0 in – 1 out (Total fabric in 2020: bought 0 new fabric – used 6 fabric) – 
in total 0 in 6 out

# Patterns in 2020: 0 in – 0 out

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