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Hacked fairytale dress, twinning with the doll

The fairytale hoodie is one of my favorite patterns from Made by Runi. I love the skirt of the hoodie. Since our girl prefers dresses over vests, I hacked the fairytale hoodie by taking out the zipper and sewing a dress.

The first fairytale hoodie that I made is still one of her favorite coats (too cold now unfortunately). Besides omitting the zipper I also added 3 cm to the bottom of the skirt. Next time I would add even more (probably about 5 cm). The hoodie is not designed to be a dress (lengthwise), but I prefer the dresses I sew to be on the knees so they can wear them for a year of longer. Get the fairtytale hoodie today with 20% discount with the code CHRISTMAS23.
In addition I also hacked the front and back of the dress by adding a colour block. The colour blocked sleeves are included in the pattern. I continued the same line form the sleeves to the front and back pieces. Additionally I added another line for the bottom colour block.

The first time our daugther saw the dress, she said she didn’t like it as much because there was not enough colour in the dress. To make the dress more appealing I decided to sew the same dress for her doll. Being able to twin with the doll hopefully makes the dress more likeable.
Well it turnes out she loves to twin with her doll. This was the first time sewing for a doll and I always thought it would be very finicky, however it turned out to be a very quick sew and so cute! I will sew some more clothing for the doll for sure!

Fabric:I already used this fabric for this vest.
Sizing: 80-164 (12M – 14Y)
Options: There are two different hoods included, as well as a neck band, there is the option of a zipper or with buttons. There are pockets included and a colour blocked sleeve/shoulder.
Difficulty: 3 out of 7 stars
Sewing time: 1,5 hours

# Fabric this week: 0 in – 3 out (Total fabric in 2019: bought 98 new fabric – used 93 fabric – used 9 gifted fabric – used 23 scrap pieces of fabric – upcycled 2 pieces of fabric) – in total 98 in 127 out

# Patterns in 2019: 18 in – 15 out (5 new patterns, 10 already owned unused patterns)

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