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Bonfire sweater for women

Today the second Miss pattern (sizes 0-20) by Sofiona Designs is released. The Bonfire hoodie was already released for girls (sizes 2-16) now you can twin with your girl with your own Miss Bonfire sweater. I was one of the lucky testers and am going to show you two sweaters that I sewed during testing.


This black sweater is the final pattern (I will show another one that I made with a previous version of the pattern). Miss Bonfire is just a winner because of all the options that are included. I love the colour block options. The front is great for beautiful treasured pieces of fabric and I love the colour blocked sleeves, definitely a great aspect of the pattern! Additionally, I love the curve of the hem, shorter on the front and longer on the back. You will never have a cold back again!


Another must in a pattern is pockets. It is not just our girls who request pockets I also love it when a pattern has pockets (where else do you store your phone if you are wearing a skirt?). Miss Bonfire has a kangaroo style pocket. I also love the bodice accents that you can sew on the front and back. For both versions I used these bodice accents.

The last detail I love are the thumbhole cuffs. I have already made several types of thumbhole cuffs but these are the best I have seen so far. What I love about it is that no hole is showing when you are not puting your thumb through the hole, such a clevel construction!

During our sewing weekend I sewed my first Miss Bonfire sweater and it was immediately love! The blue sweater is in the original length (designed for 5’5 = 165 cm). For my second one, the black one, I shorted the length of the sweater with 2 cm (I am 5’4 = 162 cm). These sweaters will get a lot of wear (I have already been wearing them a lot the last weeks).


As you must have seen it is party time over at Sofiona Designs. They are celebrating their 1 year anniversary! Last week I showed you the hack I did of the Moss pattern. Part of these celebration is also a site wide sale, it will run Nov 7-17. All new fall releases (Bonfire, Tide, Tundra and Miss Arctic Fox) will be 25% off and everything else will be 35% off.


Fabric: the black french terry comes from Nooteboom textiles which I bought from her. The flower punta di roma comes from Caresstoffen. The blue french terry comes from the Stoffenstraat and the blue french terry on the front was a left over from another project.
Pattern: Miss Bonfire by Sofiona Designs
Sizing: 0-20 (also availabe in girls sizes 2-16: Bonfire hoodie)
Options: regular cuffs or thumbhole cuffs, hood or neckband, drawstrings in bottom band and hoodie, pocket or no pocket and lastly a bodice seam detail or not.
Difficulty: Intermediate

# Fabric this week: 0 in – 4 out (Total fabric in 2019: bought 87 new fabric – used 78 fabric – used 9 gifted fabric – used 15 scrap pieces of fabric – upcycled 2 pieces of fabric) – in total 87 in 104 out

# Patterns in 2019: 17 in – 14 out (4 new patterns, 10 already owned unused patterns)

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