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Chameleon dress: dress of possibilities

Imagine a dress, which you can wear as a dress with long sleeves, or with one sleeve, or strapless, or as a top! Meet the Chameleon dress by LittleKiwisCloset, the dress of endless possibilities!

Cameleon dress by LittleKiwisCloset
When I saw a video with the first prototype of this dress, I was amazed by all the possibilities. I even had the chance to test the dress/top. I think this is just the perfect piece of clothing for holidays. With this one piece you can create multiple different looks and outfits, isn’t that just amazing?! This dress is definitely coming along in my suit case, perfect as a comfortable top during the day and a dress during dinner in the evening.
It is a dress that you sew up in an hour and gives you endless opportunities. You need a fabric with at least 50% horizontal and 50% vertical stretch. You can even create different versions. There are three width options: slim, mid or wide. I sewed the mid version with a binding neckline (there is also a cowl option). Additionally, there are several sleeve options: short and long sleeve and short and long cuffs. My fabric wasn’t wide enough so I had to add cuffs. Do not make the sleeves too short because you won’t be able to tie the sleeves around you for the version below.
If you are looking for a more comfortable look you can even wear it as a top on jeans. The fabric is so nice and soft and comfortable. I just love it!
Use the code CAMACAMACAMA to get 20% off until Tuesday October 8 (NZST).

Fabric: I bought the fabric at Karteris it is a jersey with 92% viscose and 8% elastane.
Pattern: Chameleon dress by LittleKiwisCloset
Sizing: XXS – 5X
Options: slim, mid, wide width, sleeves: short, long, short cuff, long cuff, binding neckline and cowl options.
Difficulty: confident beginner

# Fabric this week: 0 in – 1 out (Total fabric in 2019: bought 67 new fabric – used 64 fabric – used 5 gifted fabric – used 15 scrap pieces of fabric) – in total 67 in 84 out

# Patterns in 2019: 16 in – 14 out (4 new patterns, 10 already owned unused patterns)

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