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Loosen up in a fabulous skirt

I sewed up another set of Made by Runi patterns. Made by Runi patterns are pretty popular with our eldest, she loves the skirts and dresses (remember this dress and this coat) and the colour blocking options of the garments (the more different colours the better). As a summer outfit I sewed up the Loosen up top and Feeling Fabulous skirt.


With the great summer weather we are having our eldest could use some extra tops. The Loosen up top has different options. There are two different colour block options, a plain top and there are two different back options. I made the racer back option, but there is also a tank option for the back. The colour block options are great for scraps as you don’t need much fabric. Due to the gathering at the front and back it is a loose fitted top. The pattern has a band at the bottom of the top. I left the bottom band off so our girl can tuck the top in her skirt, which she prefers. I just added 2 cm to the bottom of the skirt and hemmed it.


Made by Runi each week has a pattern of the week. This means that you can get that pattern with a discount and sew one up and submit it. With each entry you have the chance to win a pdf pattern of your choice for free (add your entry to the album on the Facebook group). This week the Loosen Up Top is the pattern of the week. Additionally, the Made by Runi facebook group has reached 10.000 followers so there is a 30% discount on the Every Day Dress, the Fairytale dress (this dress) and the Fairy godmother dress. Use the code 10KFAV.


Our girl is getting more and more interested in skirts, which is great as you can combine skirts with t-shirts or sweaters depending on the weather. I feel skirts are more versatile than dresses. Of course, one drawback with skirts is that you need to find matching clothing (choosing is quite challenging for our girl). So instead of sewing another dress I sewed a skirt. I loved the double layer skirt of this dress and so does our daughter. The feeling fabulous skirt also has two layers, which makes it a great twirl skirt. I finished the skirt with a rolled hem, one of my favorite ways to finish circle type of skirts.


Loosen up top: the triangular fabric was a leftover from this favorite dress of our girl, the purple uni coloured fabric came from my stash.
Feeling fabulous skirt: the blue flamingo fabric came from our exchange pile during the sewing weekend (I sewed a dress with the same fabric with a different colour that came from de Stoffenstraat). The red and orange striped fabric comes from Caresstoffen.
Pattern: Loosen up top and Feeling Fabulous skirt by Made by Runi
Sizing; 80-164 (12M – 14Y), also available for adults (Loosen up top and Feeling Fabulous skirt).
Options: 2 colour block options and a plain front, racer back and tank top options.
Difficulty: easy, although the binding on the top is always something that slows me down in sewing.

# Fabric this week: 5 in – 4 out (Total fabric in 2019: bought 62 – used 43 fabric – used 4 gifted fabric – used 5 scrap pieces of fabric) – in total 62 in 52 out
# Patterns in 2019: 13 in – 10 out (3 new patterns, 7 already owned unused patterns)

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