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Risu dress by Sofilantjes

Yay, a new pattern from Sofilantjes*. It is the Risu dress! New patterns from Sofilantjes are always a big hit in our house. One, our girls love the Sofilantjes dresses (although the eldest preferred a different dress because of the not twirling skirt, therefore I sewed it for our middle daughter). Two, I love to sew Sofilantjes dresses.
Risu dress by Sofilantjes

I pre-tested this dress, so there might be small changes in the final pattern, but I must say it fits our girl perfectly. The Risu dress catches everybody’s eye because of that beautiful back. I love it. Besides that I love the idea of the one pocket on just one side of the dress. You know I love asymmetrical patterns. Of course you can just add two pockets if you like symmetry.

Another feature of the Risu dress is the V-shaped neckline. You can see I cut one of the neckline pattern pieces upside down, I have to pay attention to that next time (it didn’t bother me enough to unpick it and cut it again).
This dress is not a quick sew as a lot of Sofilantjes dresses are. It takes a bit more time. But I have to admit that more challenging patterns give me more satisfaction when I am done and I can admire the result. This pattern is not difficult at all, but it takes a bit more time.
Go get it now! You will love it (if your girl loves twirly skirts like our eldest, you can just add a different Sofilantjes skirt).

Fabric: I bought the canoe fabric at Megastoffen a while ago. The rest are scraps from this sweater and from our sewing weekend.
PatternRisu dress (Dutch pattern) from Sofilantjes
Sizing, options & difficulty: 80-164 (12M-14Y), 3 sleeve lengths, Intermediate

# Fabric this week: 6 in – 3 out (Total fabric in 2019: bought 41 – used 30 fabric – used 4 gifted fabric – used 4 scrap pieces of fabric) – in total 41 in 38 out
# Patterns in 2019: 12 in – 9 out (2 new patterns, 7 already owned unused patterns)
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