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Billies for the husband

It was already a long time ago that I made something for my husband so he felt a bit neglected. Therefore I decided to sew a couple of items for him during our sewing weekend. I sewed three items for him during that weekend. I started with pyjama pants (which did not make it to the blog). The second day I sewed two Billies with fabric that I bought during the sewing weekend. Today I am showing you two different Billies.
Billie by Zonen09
The first t-shirt is version A with a v-neck. I used the lower v-neck that is included in the pattern. I wanted to use the coverlock to topstitch the neckline and tried something new. I sewed on the inside of the t-shirt so that the decorative stitch was showing on the outside. With a v-neck the point is always difficult to get topstitched nicely, so I stopped before I reached the lowest point of the v-neck and just left it like that, I like the result.

Changes I made to the pattern: I lengthened the t-shirt with 2 cm and I lengthened the sleeves with 4 cm.

For the second t-shirt I wanted to colour block so I cut the bodice and sleeves in two pieces. I added a pocket made out of ribbing as that was the perfect match with the ribbing I used for the neckline. Sizes included in the pattern are 46 – 60 (European sizes), but there is also a teenage and child version.


Fabric: First t-shirt: Adventure from Soft Cactus (french terry) bought at Pieke Wieke. Second t-shirt: top part is fabric from Pieke Wieke, the bottom is a tricot from Textielstad.
Pattern: Billie (only available in Dutch) from Zonen09

# Fabric this week: 0 in – 4 out (Total fabric in 2019: bought 35 – used 28 fabric – used 4 gifted fabric – used 2 scrap pieces of fabric) – in total 35 in 34 out
# Patterns in 2019: 10 in – 9 out (2 new patterns, 7 already owned unused patterns)

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