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Colour blocked Isa for women

I met Isabel four years ago when it was the first time our sewing weekend was organised. There are so many talented ladies in our sewing weekend group and Isabel is one of them. Our eldest girl does not like straight skirts (unless they are so long that they touch the ground) or sweaters, so I did not sew the Isa sweater for girls. When I saw the test for the ladies Isa sweater I thought it would be great for me. I mean colour blocking is always great isn’t it? So here is my version of the Isa sweater (Nederlands patroon) by Bel’Etoile.

I made the colour block version with just two fabrics. You can also make a V shape with 3 fabrics. In my sweater the V shape continues onto the sleeves, but you can also choose not to colour block your sleeves. The pattern also includes a crop top, a dress and a hood, so many different options in just one pattern! The size range of the pattern goes from 32 (for teens) to 48.

If you buy the pattern before March 31 you even get two colour block options for the sweater for free! There is also a bundle (Nederlandse bundel) with the Isa sweater for girls (Nederlands patroon) in size 12M – 13Y for just 14 euro’s.
For the neck and arm binding I just used fabric from another project instead of using ribbing. I think it is a perfect match with the fabric, don’t you think? I lowered the neck with 1 cm and I took in the back of the sweater (I almost always do this, since I don’t like the excess fabric in the back of a t-shirt or sweater).
Fabric: The petrol is a sweat from Cares’ stoffen and the yellow is a sweat from Stoffenfeest

# Fabric this week: 10 in – 3 out (Total fabric in 2019: bought 12 – used 10 fabric – used 2 gifted fabric – used 0 scrap pieces of fabric) – in total 12 in 12 out

# Patterns in 2019: 7 in – 7 out (2 new patterns, 5 already owned unused patterns)

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