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This year’s Christmas dress: Lillith dress

This year I made new Christmas dresses for the two oldest girls. They are not necessarily Christmas dresses as in typical dresses for Christmas, but they did wear them during Christmas. For the eldest I chose the Lillith dress by Zwergnase – Design. This was the perfect way to round up my digital pattern challenge! This is the 8th pattern that I have used in the last 4 months that I had bought but did not use yet.


The Lillith dress is another German pattern from Makerist, which I have used more often lately (see the Tilt dress, Arja coat, Fuzzle sweater and Issy dress). I love the unique elements of the German patterns. With this dress I like the shawl-like collar. In the pattern it is a double sided collar but I used just one piece with the soft inside of the fabric on the outside. The pattern starts at 74 and goes up to women’s sizes. The pattern is split up between sizes 74-110 and 116-158.

So coming back to the Digital Pattern Challenge that I participated in the last 4 months. It was a great challenge to push me to go back to the pattern that I own and did not sew yet. The challenge was to sew 8 new patterns in 4 months. The result: Yes, I made it! I sewed 8 new patterns in 4 months (in total I sewed (blogged about) 28 pieces of clothing in these 4 months of which 8 were new patterns (pattern tests excluded)).

Fabric: alpenfleece fabric that I bought at Stoffenstraat
PatternLillith dress by Zwergnase – Design

Below a list of all the 8 new patterns that I used:
1) Access and accessibility t-shirt: a t-shirt with nursing access
2) Wendybird dresses: two lovely dresses for both our girls
3) Nivalis dress: I hacked a nivalis dress to have nursing access
4) Arja Softshell Coat: softshell coat with a baby add on
5) Issy dress: Colour blocking dress with a collar
6) Bubby & Bee Hoodie: Hoodie without the hood

7) Darcy dress: an asymmetrical dress with lots of twirl
8) Lillith dress

As this is also the last post in 2018, my final round up of fabric is: this week 0 in – 3 out (2018: bought 63 – used 100 fabric – used 6 gifted fabric – used 32 scrap pieces of fabric) – in total 63 in 138 out.

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