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Issy dress with a collar

Our eldest is in need of dresses. My favourite thing to sew are dresses so that is a perfect match. Since I am challenging myself to use the digital patterns that I have bought but have not used yet I browsed through my “stack” of patterns and picket out the Issy by FeeFee.

Issy dress by FeeFee

The Issy by FeeFee is another German pattern from makerist. I really like the patterns from makerist because they have a wide variety of colour blocking patterns that are different from what I see at other places. The Issy is a versatile pattern as you can make a bolero, sweater, tunic and dress with the pattern. They all have the characteristic diagonal colour blocking piece at the front which I love!


I chose the dress version of the pattern. It is a high low dress. Our girl doesn’t like hoods so I wanted to make a collar instead. I used the hood as the basis and drew a collar based on the hood. I love the result and will make more of these collars for upcoming projects.


Changes I made: Instead of the cuffs in the pattern I used longer cuffs. I added a collar instead of a hood. After sewing I found the front of the dress too short, so I added some extra fabric to the front of the dress. Unfortunately the high low effect is now not so prevalent anymore, but at least she can wear it longer.

Fabric: The mint fabric is a thick sweat from Megastoffen, the red and orange sweat are leftovers from other projects.
Pattern: Issy by FeeFee

Digital pattern challenge: I participate in the pdf pattern challenge (set up by Mamarieketo sew 8 pdf patterns in September until December of the pile of patterns that I have bought but did not sew yet (I exclude pattern tests and pattern that I have received, so I only include the pdfs that I have bought myself). In September I sewed 3 pdf patterns. In October I sewed 1 pdf pattern. This is the first pattern I sewed in November. I thus sewed 5 out of 8 patterns so far.

Digital Pattern Challenge patterns so far:
1) Access and accessibility t-shirt: a t-shirt with nursing access
2) Wendybird dresses: two lovely dresses for both our girls
3) Nivalis dress: I hacked a nivalis dress to have nursing access
4) Arja Softshell Coat: softshell coat with a baby add on

5) Issy dress

Fabric in 2018: this week 0 in – 3 out (2018: bought 61 – used 90 fabric – used 4 gifted fabric – used 28 scrap pieces of fabric) – in total 61 in 122 out

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